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Chad, Carys, Me & Cailyn - October 2008

Howdy, y’all.
I’m Skye. Also known as Mom, Mama, Mommy, HEY YOU!, and the barefoot person in the kitchen.

I’ve been married for 63 years 7 years to Chad. We even went to daycare together, if you can believe that.

Let’s see. I feel I should share some important info with you — you know, so really know me.
I despise snakes. I don’t care for ketchup, although I do love to sink my teeth into a fresh-off-the-vine tomato in the Summer.
I could live off of ice cream, chocolate, fresh baked goods, and Diet Dr. Pepper.
That should do it. I can feel us connecting already!

I started a blog a few years ago to keep my close friends & family members up-to-date with my exciting world of Mommyhood; you know, telling gross tales of changing diapers, lamenting over missing my steady paycheck, sharing pictures of my adorable kids doing things that only I (and the grandparents) find adorable. And then it morphed into something more.

In November of 2007, my husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor. We used the blog as a platform to keep everyone informed of what was going on with him while we were in the hospital. I gained new readers in the months that followed, and started to really enjoy writing again — something I rarely had time to do since my kids were born. Now, I make time for it. It is my passion. Even if I blog to say “What crappy weather we’re having today” and leave it at that, it makes me feel good. Warm & fuzzy & all that stuff.


Look what you missed….

Coming up

April 3: Happy Birthday to Chad!
April 7: Cailyn's 37th dentist trip
April 8: Happy Birthday to Faith!
April 12: Happy Birthday to Landon!
April 23: Carys' field trip
April 30: Chad's 1-mo post-op eval

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